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Why should you choose to live in Glenorchy, Oakville?

One of Oakville’s newly established residential areas, Glenorchy, first invited the attention in 2008. Offering its residents picturesque views and sights, this place is a great option to invest in. The setting of the town is amiable and the real estate offers you high-style built homes. Surrounded by greenery and lush trees all around, this place is perfect for a nature lover. The houses for sale in Glenorchy are appropriately suited for people who are looking for good new homes in Oakville. 


The area in Glenorchy comes well accommodated with nearby neighborhood parks, village squares, neighborhood details, and so much more. It comes with the kind of peace and quiet you would expect a place off skirts to have, but with the benefits and developments that are upto the mark. Considering all these facilities, Glenorchy real estate makes Oakville one of the best residential areas in Canada, with amazing growth prospects and space for more development. 

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    Key highlights of the place

    This area leaves you wanting for nothing, and includes luxurious and basic amenities as well. Hospitals like Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and more, schools like Oodenawy Public School, and malls like Upper Oakville Shopping Centre are all nearby in order to provide the residents with all they could wish for.

    House style offered by Gleronchy

    The houses of Glernchy can suit both the lifestyles, whether a contemporary one or a luxurious one. Several types of houses such as detached homes, semi-detached, 3-story, and 2-story townhomes, and some condominiums come equipped with all the great kinds of architectural and infrastructural design.

    Market rate

    The market rate varies according to the home you are looking for. Town homes cost $7,50,000, semi-detached homes start at $9,50,000 and detached homes range from $12,50,000 to $20,00,000.


    The residential homes in Glenorchy offer you a wide range of variety, and the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Glernorchy is the apt location for buyers who wish for some peace and quiet residence away from the hassle and busy roads of a metropolitan. The construction of the homes and the urban design of the town does not go unnoticed as well.

    Most suited audience

    If you are a newlywed couple, looking for a suitable place to start your family, or aged people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy nature, of first time home buyers- the houses of Glenorchy are most affordable for the population.

    Glenorchy Neighbourhood Facts

    The population of Glenorchy is almost equally divided between males and females, with most population being married with children and between the ages of 30 and 44. The archetype of the houses is structurally flexible to the extent that it can be made and used in several types. While most people prefer single detached homes made after 2011, there are some exceptions like row houses and apartments can also be made and have been used by several people. With an approximate employment rate of 70 per cent, there are opportunities in the area for earning a living comfortably.  

    While the market turnover rate percentage has been stable for roughly the last 8 years, block average sales prices have almost constantly increased. This depicts a good investment value in the area which makes your future return more stable and assured as compared to other areas. It is crucial that one thinks of these factors before investing because in the long run, they help in reaping benefits and determine the stability and growth of an area. 

    Oakville Real Estate & Homes for sale

    Oakville Real Estate & Homes for sale: Several categories and designs of homes available for interested buyers, such as, Semi- constructed, single- family homes, condos, townhomes, detachable or newly constructed homes. Whichever home suits your vision best, and provides you with serene and peaceful surroundings can board the home they prefer the best. We also provide price reduced and community homes. Virtual tours are arrangeable as well that can instill a vote of confidence and trust in the buyer. Moreover, also provide them with a peace of mind about Oakville.  

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